Image special: The background of BMW's electrical idea vehicles
Encouraged by the very first two projects, BMW began work on a bespoke EV, with none of the compromises related with converting a typical saloon. Unveiled at the 1991 Frankfurt motor show, the E1 was made as light-weight and efficient urban electric …
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BMW historical past. The 02 Series – A preview for the 2 Series?
BMW will take us back into its historical past as far back as 1966. A new video launched on Youtube showcases the 02 Series which was launched to the globe as the 1600-2 two-door. The 1600-2, later on renamed the 1602, was itself expanded into the 02 Series 1600 …
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BMW 8-series was a lovely but doomed 'Boulevard cruiser' – Newsday
It was a curious webpage of BMW history. Conceived in the &quotme&quot generation of the 1980s when conspicuous consumption was politically right, the 8-Series produced its debut just prior to the collapse of globe markets and shifting values. Sales just appeared to …
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