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Query by Dominique Ross: How significantly in suggestions does a hostess at applebees make a night a evening after servers tip out?
At the applebees I applied for they do tipping out so I was just wanting to hear how significantly a host or hostess will on typical make a evening in tips after the servers tip out. Thanks!

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Response by Andrea
At the areas that I worked at many years in the past, hostesses have been not tipped out. They made full wages, as opposed to waitstaff wages, which have been reduced due to the fact of the tips. Waitstaff tipped the busboys and bartenders, and that was it. If you know that your restaurant does tip the hostesses, inquire someone if you are shut ample to inquire this kind of a question. In my expertise, tipping out was voluntary and the volume was entirely up to the server.

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2 Responses to “How much in tips does a hostess at applebees make a night a night after servers tip out?”

  1. magicloop2009

    The averge $ 20-40 dollars a night, if not, your job isn’t worth it and kiss it goodbye

  2. DeaconBabe

    I have worked at applebees for 3 years. The hosts do not get tip out but the S/A or servers assistant does. The S/A busses tables for servers and helps the servers out the S/A’s get 10% of the servers tips! On a friday or saturday night serves can make anywhere from $ 75-$ 120. And there are usually at least 8 servers on so if they all make $ 80 thats $ 8 per server and that is $ 64 on one night! Hope I helped

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